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FOX News
May 17, 2014 5:00pm PDT
quote . abolition didn't come from a major party and civil rights movement didn't come from a major party. the main issue to deal with
May 23, 2014 2:30pm PDT
. economic policies are very different. one of the main stumbling blocks. it is quite problematic and difficult. i think we had kind of an .greement were are stumbling blocks the main liquidators disagree. >> thank you so much for your analysis. full results are due on sunday after all 28 nations in the european elections. the key step towards resolving the country's crisis. the protest went on to result in the ouster of the former president. smashing a ballot boxes earlier on. vladimir putin says that moscow he can.k with whoever >> will respect the choice of the ukrainian people. we will work today with those that control the country. we will work with the newly elected structure. >> the defense ministry in kiev issued a statement earlier on today. they come under attack from hundreds of insurgents with 20 other rebels killed. >> [indiscernible] attack and a big northwest of here, there was another ambush. >> foreign editor rob parsons from the east of ukraine. other stories from france 24, the sense of the international criminal court, the warlord handed a 12 year jail term for
tempore: the gentleman from maine reserves. the gentleman from florida is recognized. mr. miller: the best way to reform the v.a. is get rid of the deadwood. that's what this bill gives the secretary the opportunity to do. that is to fire the people not doing their job, especially, especially those that are at the senior level. with that i yield one minute to the gentleman from colorado, mr. lamborn. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from colorado is recognized for one minute. mr. lamborn: i thank the chairman. mr. speaker, i rise today on behalf of my constituents and veterans who are alarmed at recent reports of preventable deaths, manipulated records, and secret waiting lists within the v.a. health care system. these allegations span the country and recently arisen in colorado at the fort collins v.a. clinic. if these allegations are found to be true, the responsible individuals must be held accountable. it is unacceptable for individuals who have presided over negligence and mismanagement to go unscathed. astonishingly past instances of similar failures have not only seen responsi
. i think about it as the main street competitive process. crony capitalism is something different. success is arranged through government granted figures. this is the best political connections. crony capitalism's economic growth and redistribute income. andcan breed construction -- undermine. it is what i call insiders economy. for generations, it has been a threat. this, the same year our founders rejected tierney for freedom, adam smith repeatedly warned against business in an attempt to use connections and influence to manipulate government. listen to his words. "people of the same trade should move together. the conversation ends in a contrivance to raise prices." here is an even more direct quote. " the proposal of any new regulation from a businessman ought also to be listened to with great caution. it ought never to be adopted until after having been carefully examined, with the most suspicious attention." i sure wish someone, anyone, and the obama administration, would have had as much suspicious attention. to sylindra. suspicions show that there should have been concern.
May 4, 2014 4:30am PDT
with not a lot going on. but you'd be wrong. find out how one company is single-handedly resurrecting its main street one storefront at a time. that's coming up next on "your business." >>> small businesses are revitalizing the economy, and american express open is here to help. that's why we are proud to present "your business," on msnbc. >>> hi there, everyone. i'm j.j. ramberg and welcome to "your business." today we bring the story of a small business and a small town whose fortunes have been tied together. the business is the missouri star quilt company. and the town, hamilton, missouri. hamilton's main street, like so many in small towns across america, has been struggling to survive with store fronts empty and crumbling. as the missouri star quilt company grew, the doan family who started the business in 2008 saw an opportunity to improve their main street and grow their business by bringing quilting enthusiasts from all over the world to town to shop and sew and meet up. so far it's working. we'll show you how in this week's "main street usa." welcome to hamilton, missouri. population,
May 2, 2014 5:00am PDT
was recruited by the russian main intelligence directorate in creamy and the date and place is sad that adeline. this ability to calm an involved in this so called self defense of the cranium the next step is the money cards base whether potential so that too is color paintings. cross is wet conducted by the russian security service the records also confessed that he was paid one hundred dollars for wind a piece of work. so who knows agenda something that has kept a low one says the wages of one hundred the nest today. those who complete a training and it several times now. there was a dvd oscar prepared for taking an active part in the actions on the territory of maine and ukraine citizens of ukraine russia and representatives of pressure because the movement or is there to prevent terrorism suspects in their regions. this is the main cost for the security forces and government officials said the acting president of ukraine on sunday to check up at a meeting with the hats and regional state administrations. no one's to this effect is preparing supper task in six regions of ukraine. but the mai
May 3, 2014 2:45pm EDT
afford that kind of loss. now, i have talked with numerous employers in maine. they care deeply about their employees. they in most cases are willing and able to pay more. in fact, many of them do pay more. in fact, all of them pay more than the federal minimum wage because maine's minimum wage is is $7.50 an hour rather than than $7.25 an hour. so we're already above the federal minimum wage. but what they told me is that if there is too much of an increase too rapidly, they will be forced to shrink their work forces or not bring on those summer part-time employees, those high school students, those college students, those individuals who don't have the training and experience that are necessary to be productive in the job for which they are hired at that time. madam president, there is a huge area of compromise available here between $7.25 and $10.10. i think it speaks to what is wrong with washington today that we were placed in a situation where it was take it or leave it rather than are trying to come together and offer amendments and debate the level that might be acceptable to
May 10, 2014 2:30am PDT
. the business is the missouri star quilt company, and the town, hamilton, missouri. hamilton's main street, like so many in small towns across america, has been struggling to survive with store fronts empty and crumbling. as the missouri star quilt company grew, the family that started the business in 2008 saw an opportunity to improve their main street and grow their business by bringing quilting enthusiasts from all over the world to town to shop and to sew and to meet up. and so far it's working. we'll show you how in this week's main street u.s.a. >>> welcome to hamilton, missouri, population 1800. they have been known as the birth place of jcpenney, but today this city which is an hour away from kansas city is known for something quite different, quilting. it's been dubbed the disneyland of quilting, and that's all because of the vision of one family which started the missouri star quilt company. people have come from all over the world, from as far away as australia, but once they get here, turns out there's not much else for them to do. so missouri star has broadened their vision. now the
May 31, 2014 4:45pm EDT
-nationals to small and medium size manufacturers all up and down main streets all across america. and we're the voice for 12 million men and women who make things in the united states. so today is day two of infrastructure week. it started off very strongly yesterday with a full day's worth of programs, and our guest speaker was a speaker at an event i was at last night. so he's been very involved with infrastructure week. we've seen representatives from the business community from organized labor, think tanks and others in this very collaborative effort to demonstrate the urgency of infrastructure improvements and how that urgency is really uniting diverse interests. be so for manufacturers, infrastructure is really a competitiveness issue. it matters in every step of the production process from receiving inputs to shipping our products to our customers not only here, but also to markets overseas. we're also vital suppliers to the transit and construction industries. in other words, investments in infrastructure have a multiplier effect across our entire economy. but despite proven benefits of infra
FOX News
May 9, 2014 9:00pm PDT
this was a preplanned terrorist attack. this this was too much for the main stream media to ignore. >> it did not come from the cia. you stood there time and time and said that she was referring to talking points created by the cia. why are you holding back this information? why was in e mail not turned over to the congress? this is directly relevant. why did you hold it back? >> does the white house have a firm understanding of what happened? >> the answer broadly is 15 months ago -- >> as to what happened? >> well, no. >> the video was a protest? >> you should ask the intelligence community. >> can you imagine not being a partisan, not being a conspiracy theerist, someone hearing a conservative group sued the state department this comes back because it's their requested by benghazi. and then you say what can they do in benghazi? can you imagine someone being confused about the events? >> the reporters pressed hard some of the network brass may have been less impressed congress launched a select committee and the network all but ignore that had story. joining me now, host of fox news media buzz, mark
FOX News
May 12, 2014 3:00pm PDT
social security didn't contribute to the deficit. it wasn't a main driver of our future deficits but it did contribute. with republicans still attack the white house over susan rhys's sunday show appearances, the treasury secretary refused to go along with the administration's narrative that paul ryan and other republicans want to gut retirement programs. >> geithner was having trouble to adjusting the obama -- the white house's demands that he incorporate a political message in his analysis. >> in fact, geithner goes on to suggest the clash with pfeiffer, one of the president's most senior advisers was about politics. pfeiffer said the line was a dog whistle to the left, a phrase i had never heard before. he had to explain that the phrase was code to the democratic base signaling that we intended to protect social security. white house spokesman jay carney insisted there was no effort to deceive. . why do you think a top white house aide would suggest to the treasury secretary -- >> i think i was in that, i think what dan and i have said publicly it's a fact that social security
May 2, 2014 7:00am PDT
of the main objectives of the world bank group at six ten also achieved impressive progress in the key areas of macroeconomics will continue with his sister country and expect the context and will play the brawl nutrient mission of experience will serve as an example of development for its neighbors the talks not with our representatives of the world bank sign that the government has extended representative of the prime minister caught in the seam of the framework of partnership agreement to strengthen cooperation to promote sustainable development and growth of the republic of kazakhstan one of the key objectives of the agreement will be the location of two point five billion dollars for the development of non commodity sectors of economy human capital and support for small and medium size businesses in general the partnership with the world bank report the place and seventy entries the development of the financial sector including the business environment stimulation of innovation and skills development and support for private partnerships sustainable and environmental development of regio
May 26, 2014 7:00am EDT
at the headquarters of the two main stream parties particularly for socialists that took 40% of the vote and lost another three or four seats. a disastrous night after the disastrous elections just a couple of months ago. we've been hearing in the last few minutes from a former minister from the overseas department who's been in a meeting with the president to give his first reaction to this result. he said he was taking it in stock. he says he's aware of the country. he's sticking to his political line. we expect to get response from him this evening in the next 48 hours. the paper of record in france has also been giving its first reaction looking at the scale of the vote. the international finishing top in 70% of departments around the country. the working class vote have taken under 35 vote. 30% of the under 35 vote. what they're saying is this is much more worrying than the situation in the country in 2002 when le pen's father won through to the second round of the presidential election. they give three reasons. first of all there's been no popular insurgency to the results. no protest in fr
May 9, 2014 7:00am PDT
in aqua dots during the talks also the main directions of bilateral relations including trade economic and investment spears were discussed in addition they discussed the key issues of cars expense forthcoming session to the wto. to boot. so who knows the tune. yes we support the strengthening of the greek american relations here visiting kazakhstan has a good signal. i held a meeting with president barack obama in the hague did discuss our relationship and the tales also we discussed the present situation. we issued a joint statement we are ready to support this line of relations for the among the hopefuls who has worked with the plum sauce. mr president thank you very much delighted especially pleased that the opportunity right president obama asked to pay its very ones that are going to get a very straightforward passage. america's long term commitment or partnership of sixty one time commitment or interests across the street buy this book a hotel caught dead in the syrian city of aleppo which the government troops using a military base the victims of the attacker least fourteen peo
May 21, 2014 12:00pm EDT
, and the gentleman from maine, mr. michaud, each will control 20 minute. the chair recognizes the gentleman from florida. mr. miller: i ask unanimous consent that all members may have five legislative days to revise and extend their remarks on h.r. 4031. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. mr. miller: mr. speaker, i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from florida is recognized for such time he may consume. mr. miller: thank you very much, mr. speaker. members, for the past three years the house committee on veterans' affairs has uncovered and continues to uncover numerous instances of gross negligence and incompetence by senior v.a. officials that have led to delays in care, growing patient wait times, and lengthy backlogs of disability claims. regrettably some of these instances have resulted in lack of proper care for veterans and for preventable deaths. despite repeated promises of accountability and change, the committee has received nothing but disturbing silence from the white house and only one excuse from another from the d
Al Jazeera America
May 16, 2014 12:00pm EDT
as it was attempting to march towards another long distance down the main streets to minor's memorial point. now what happened was this. they fired tear gas and sprayed water cannon on the crowds. there were arrests, and angry seen, and this made the situation even worse. the police cordoned off. and the police decided to withdraw, but now there is another standoff going on at the minor's memorial. there are crowds all around cheering and quite emotional scenes with minors breaking down in tears, one man screaming and shouting, seven years i have spent down below, and now so many of my friends have dead, and you are trying to poison me now here. referring to the tear gas. there was also another situation whereby one man came forward and said he was a school teacher, and said this really is a situation whether it's so much grief and the police are trying to wash away that grief with tear gas and it won't work. so this intervention of the police, with all the people here is -- is a new development and it's unclear about where this is really heading. the level of anger, the calls for accountability on t
May 1, 2014 5:30am PDT
office in twenty twelve and the south has a small the main interest in shooting team visited the s command where he repeated trips to go into combat training. he said the long term stability of shin gi is vital to the whole country's reform and development and stability. adding the safeguarding the country's unity and bison separatists and are in the basic interests of all ask me groups and division in terms of fighting terrorists and he said china would imply a strike for a strategy against terrorists he seems down. all that you're in an earlier visit to caution worst security bureau. she said the cdc's on the frontline of the country's anti terrorism fight and the police should have effective means to deal with terrorists. these are live and move on. to the one which nobody and all the leaves on a county stint in decades. you should also protect yourselves to better serve the people dancing part social stability . families will be upset to class and talk to this today on. he joined a student in the playground and hold their small shoulder. that doesn't also visited look of the m
May 1, 2014 6:30pm PDT
of the disputed by accident associations. election watchdog has demanded that the latter continues main opposition about the death of a copy of the vp spot in a state of candidate that in the mail they provided the election code of conduct indeed if the strong man found himself in a special court after he displayed his pockets and then i needed wanted the speech outside the polling booth. the cost of his redundancy the council planned to stitch an interesting thing that can inspire considered eating lettuce and what he did not drive in quito according to honest to goodness for baby did not ride in it. but martin made the code of conduct because he'd never had any press conferences at that meeting i usually do and then add the pectin that people in the tie is the advent of the kingdom or main stages one and the girls event should i be the kind and plan against him. you can choose from. his name again i know. as expected and biased and this friday. i do to pass. buchanan is on youtube. you did. it is not about me. she then spent in meetings that bad for us before pouring in and tell him and displayi
May 7, 2014 8:30am PDT
singing love songs to talk to me. my main concern in the town and had me crying and panicking and two hearings for ukrainian people and flying around the states. netflix fan and ukrainian the countries which didn't make the final scene page portugal belgium not the end is steady and the second semi final will be held on thursday. the main traits flamboyant outfits and kitsch pop songs. bc is competition will be picked in eurovision is known for its eco credentials to the test sth. he is off the sheet expansion leader seems to be denied to what we have to be anti social final curtain dividing the use of the west the irony is that if the unions riches to the chorus member countries will to find out the reasons behind the economic difference is that the seawolves brussels decided to find over to it for instance they are the busiest shopping streets in the bulgarian capital. but just a few kilometers away from is the tree shops safety is the guest room in neighborhoods. it's time to thirty thousand people unemployment and policy approach very common here. a majority still somewhat yourse
May 27, 2014 12:37am PDT
't miss our first ever lobster toppers event! 4 delicious entrees topped with sweet, succulent maine lobster starting at just $15.99! like savory new wood-grilled shrimp topped with maine lobster in a citrus hollandaise... or the new ultimate: lobster-topped lobster -- 3 split maine lobster tails topped with maine lobster in a creamy white wine sauce! four choices, for a limited time, starting at just $15.99! everything's better with lobster! come in now, and sea food differently. take the nestea plunge.ter with lobster! nothing refreshes like nestea. ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ finally, i have a manly chocolatey snack ♪ ♪ and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ >>> throughout the day across the country a wave of patriotism. remembering those who served and those we've lost. countless communities para
May 28, 2014 12:37am PDT
first ever lobster toppers event! 4 delicious entrees topped with sweet, succulent maine lobster starting at just $15.99! like savory new wood-grilled shrimp topped with maine lobster in a citrus hollandaise... or the new ultimate: lobster-topped lobster -- 3 split maine lobster tails topped with maine lobster in a creamy white wine sauce! four choices, for a limited time, starting at just $15.99! everything's better with lobster! come in now, and sea food differently. it's not for colds, it's not for pain, it's just for sleep. because sleep is a beautiful thing™. ♪ zzzquil. the non-habit forming sleep aid from the makers of nyquil®. take the nestea plunge. nothing refreshes like nestea. >>> some people are storm chasers, seeking out dangerous, natural phenomenon for science or just a thrill. but the guys you are about to meet want no such thing. the storm found them and they found their camera. here is abc's chief meteorologist, ginger zee. >> look at that, dude! >> reporter: that is what it looks and feels like to be far too close to a tornado. >> oh, my gosh! >> reporter:
Apr 30, 2014 9:00pm PDT
. here's a snapshot of our budget. the main take away here is that we're up about $140 million and the question is what is that? the break down that we show here is that the major investment is really driven by critical capital investments, whether we're investing in projects or paying the debt on these projects once we built them. the big picture or reason for this proposed budget increase is related to our capital needs. there are additional elect ricity costs that we will incur. these are based on the transmission and distribution costs that we are paying pg ande and we also will see our personnel and operating costs increasing ing rough ly by 2 percent, which is roughly about the cost of inflation. now i wanted to give a brief review, some updates from the pnc since the last time i made my budget recommendation. this includes our rate setting process, as well as the fire and draught. thankfully there's no locusts yet, but the year's not over. april marks the ten year an niversary of the first project in the water system improvement program going into construction. we are no
May 27, 2014 1:30pm PDT
architecture tip metrological were there an architect where there's a strong top to the building the main body of the building and a stronger base that includes the simplification of the masking materials there's the 40 foot wide courtyard just to point out to the commission at the eastern facade is where the height limit drops to 55 feet so that portion of the building remains exposed a couple of last minute changes in continuing their community outreach efforts they've heard that from the community they'd want the affordability opponent to be proposed on site and their current proposal is to have the roofing they've wanted the affordable housing unit on site that will produce affordable units based on the 32 detrimentally unit two, two bedroom is affordable and one one bedroom. the bicycle legislation only required 16 bicycle locations and they'll provide the co- compliant amount for one class 2 bike spaces if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them >> thank you. >> thank you project sponsor. >> thank you for having us back here today for paul and joe we're brothers and we ru
May 26, 2014 7:00pm PDT
life, that road not taken be like? my longtime friend and cameraman from maine, zack zamboni is finding out. so where are we going? >> right here, one of these tables. which maybe we want to do like this with? see? how often can you go out with somebody can properly block the table? >> it's a misery is what it is. >> ay, yes, of course. snails in an almond sauce. about as traditional and as delicious as it gets. that's a plate full of perfect happiness. >> that's right. tapas come from here. this is still one of the few places in spain where they're free. all you have to do is keep drinking. >> you can sit here all day. order a couple drinks. >> no rush. i'm glad i'm spending some time here. red wine ordered. tripes to follow. tender, spice, delicious tripe. >> sun, plaza, guts. pretty [ bleep ] good. >> hello. hello. >> not too long ago, before zack basically defected to spain, he met fuen. the next thing you know, he's living here. part of an extended andalucian family. eating the ham, drinking the wine, living the life of the spanish dandy. in freaking granada, no less. >> classicall
it sums up the war, tells the whole tale. two main themes, that we are fighting the wrong enemy in the wrong place. the second is pakistan not only controls it. they control the message and the journalist and friend and intimidated their own reporting, what is happening in pakistan. the level of stress and i run into problems myself which is in the book. in my hotel room in 2006 and you are not to talk to the taliban. that was where we knew the taliban leadership was reorganizing. basically telling me get out of town. and pakistani journalist to stop working with that. and a really important area because that is where they orchestrated the whole research, pakistan and iran, enormous push against american forces and against the whole subject in afghanistan. they didn't want a successful government in afghanistan, they wanted, pakistan wanted to keep afghanistan under its own to control it and dominates the that it could use afghanistan as an anax, those are the themes i was following. they were losing ground, became incredibly difficult to report for the whole eastern bounce, als
May 6, 2014 11:35pm PDT
, but first, his album is called, "my own lane" here with the song "main chick" with some help from travis barker, kid ink. ♪ i don't know your name but you heard my name i know why you came trying to get that name ♪ ♪ but you heard my name girl i know you wanna be my main chick my main chick ♪ ♪ say whoever you came with who you came with i tell em that n ♪ ♪ sitting in the back of the club table got a rope in the front ♪ ♪ uh you looking real familiar i could just be a little drunk ♪ ♪ i don't know your name it's a shame i don't know how to explain it to ya ♪ ♪ but girl i'm just sayin if you got a man back home i don't know him ♪ ♪ what just keep it on the hush pocket full of don't beat around the bush ♪ ♪ wait walk on green i could even hit a putt ♪ ♪ k-o shorty when i hit her with a punch line get a couple shots when its crunch time ♪ ♪ ducking from my ex like the one time ♪ ♪ throw a sign when you really trying to go got the car parked right at the door ♪ ♪ i don't know your name but you heard my name i know why you came trying to
May 6, 2014 7:00am EDT
've been told the airport in donetsk, the main city there in the donetsk region has been closed. at least to international flights. not clear what's happening with regional flights. as i'm in kiev now, the situation -- >> i was going to ask you, do we have idea about whether loyalties of these city, populations, lie? >> well they seem to be mixed. it's difficult to say. when you have armed separatists in your midst you may not be speaking freely. it appears there's a significant portion at least in sloviansk and perhaps other towns of the local population that does support it. other people are not as vocal. obviously that would be a risky move to go out and say you oppose this. what would be interesting to see is as activists and separatists carry out this referendum may 11th. what exactly the reaction of the local population would be. >> yeah. looking at vienna the council meeting as well. is there anything kiev authorities are hanging onto some sort of diplomatic solution here. >> well difficult to say. there's diplomatic solutions that seem to be in effect or perhaps even dead in the w
. just speculating let's say that to the main main contenders for the presidency are abdullah abdullah and ashkan ghani. between the two of them with the ashram gandhi would be interested in maintaining a strongly centralized state and abdul up to love would be more interested in the possibility of decentralization. we can talk more about why that would be the case. it's not clear to me that the path is fixed in one direction or the other. some people believe there would have to be a constitutional amendment around this. other people say there is room for maneuver here but i think it is a central question for the next government about the extent to which decisions that made the possibility for example might governments be allowed did? might governors be able to have budgetary authority? might they be able to collect taxes? and it's hard for me that at least in the short-term it wouldn't be a loss for the president. i will leave it there. >> to comment on that reflate a think week tend to think of government as having, as an institution that should divide accountable services to the peo
FOX News
May 9, 2014 6:00pm PDT
. this was too much for the main stream media to ignore. >> it did not come from the cia. you sit there at the podium time of time she was referring to talking points created by the cia a. why were you holding back this information? why was this e-mail not released? this is directly relevant. why did you hold it back? >> does the white house have a firm understanding of what happened to those americans that night? >> the answer broadly -- >> 15 months ago. >> well, no. >> a video, protest? >> you should ask the intelligence community. >> can you image anyone not being a partisan, not being a conspiracy theoriest somebody sued the state department or application is requested, this comes back because their request is about benghazi and then you say it has nothing to do with benghazi. can you imagine somebody being confused about that sequence of events. >> while those reporters pressed hard, some of the networks may have been less impressed. since the briefings, congress launched a committee, the first in seven years and the networks have all but ignored that story. joining me, host
May 13, 2014 2:00pm EDT
," the intersection of business and economics. with a main street perspective. for the latesth treasury secretary tim geithner looks back at the financial crisis. and continuing coverage from the wired is this conference. to our viewers in the united states and to those of you joining us from around the world, welcome. we have full coverage of the stocks and stories making headlines today. interviews transportation secretary anthony fox. julianna goldman reports democrats are looking for some competition. let's begin with the phil mattingly and efforts to control high-frequency trading. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. the first in what is expected to be a series of congressional hearings, u.s. lawmakers dug into high-frequency trading and outlined some concerns raised by the like it -- by the michael lewis book at one of the biggest questions -- our new rules coming? the answer, maybe. one of the big questions for the cftc director of oversight is where is the cftc in the drafting and what will the world look like? here is what he had to say. >> the concern that we have heard, at least in comments
May 18, 2014 10:24pm EDT
that this was aimed at helping wall street over main street. that is one of the things that he really points up frequently in the book. he says the following -- guest: right. that sums it up. his view of it. odds withput him at the popular view, that you should be doing more for main street, the that you should not be bailing out the bankers. is a really interesting argument as he gets into moral hazard, the holding that if you do this again, that the bankers theeverybody will just get feeling like you can always miss behave any will be bailed out by the government. to benly there is a lot said for that view, and there is a certain amount of common sense to it. guys thursday was that he felt it was secondary to saving the system. if you got a little bit too moralistic or tried to make too much of a principal or a point of punishing people, that you might hurt the broader economy and the main priority, the main point was to save the system. that is what he was saying. this point is making -- ande the treasury secretary president were in tandem on many of these issues, we did learn that the presi
FOX News
May 31, 2014 4:00pm PDT
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May 5, 2014 11:00am PDT
that russia elements been staged for the competitions during the whole the main road into sloppy aunts has been cut off but the ukrainian army is to use continues to try to quell the progression of my students that played on sunday. ukrainian forces took control of the main road into the besieged city putting more pressure on the pro russian rubles have occupied government buildings there for weeks. residents of school the ons said they believed the ukrainian army is preparing to storm the city and flush out the reports. ukrainian prime minister are steady at two new cats accused russia of organizing the unrest in small kiosk and other eastern ukrainian cities and says it is part of moscow's plan to destroy ukraine and destroy the state the us. the news for new england. like skiing the day. republican. it's huge. i was. eye. great news for new england. green security service says the two minute recruits from all that was mostly backed breakaway region of trends history of russian groups work together to ferment. but the unrest in the southern port city of augusta in south bank thousands of
May 8, 2014 6:30am PDT
for these european and other fights is one of the main attractions is the fact that its use here you have the assad regime which is battling muslim which sunnis view is heretical. and as results he's slaughtering the sunni population and therefore many of the younger muslims in europe the us the arab world the view that as a cause to fight back against the suckers in cuz they wanna help of their fellow muslim brothers and sisters in many ways it's about solidarity one of the issues though is that some on mon that population or very ideological and are sympathetic to the ideology of hokkaido where the islamic state of iraq an al sham. i'm still even if an individual necessarily goes to see in the first place maybe four more altruistic reasons. once they get there they might then be indoctrinated to an end to more radical ideology and that's when the main reasons why many within france and europe are very much worry about what happens when these individuals come back home. see you sing the national integration is often this sectarian all one can fashion a light dinner of helping a fairly soon these y
Al Jazeera America
May 22, 2014 3:00am EDT
in taiwan left people stranded. people had to be rescued due to dangerous conditions. the main airport was flooded. the down pour is expected to continue for the next few days. a second round the peace talks between political rivals are due to begin shortly. soldiers are maintaining a heavy presence after the army impressed marshall law an tuesday. the army insists it's not another coup, saying they are trying to prevent fighting between anti-government protesters and supporters of ousted prime minister yingluck shinawatra. >>> people in northern nigeria say fighters attacked three villages, killing 48 poemment the raids believed to be carried out by boko haram. they happened to be near chibok. a town where school girls were killed. the attack took place hours after twin car bombs exploded in a central city of jos, killing 122 people. >> reporter: outside the city the buddhists arrive - one after the other. mourners are here to bury the bodies of electives that tore through a busy market on tuesday. this woman's sister was one of many killed. >> i lost her like that. we were just able
Al Jazeera America
May 16, 2014 3:00am EDT
festival looking at how real life is coming together this year - courtesy of africa. >>> india's main opposition party is heading for a landslide victory in the general election. the hindu nationalist b.j.p. campaigned on economically viable ruling, unseating the current party. election results trickled in. narendra modi, being congratulated by his mother. his supporters are on the streets in anticipation of victory. more than 500 million votes were cast during the nine phase general elections. the finishing line is in site as we join our correspondent, outside a counting satisfaction. will we know pretty soon that it is absolute, and the size of the victory? >> yes. i mean the election commission leads, or shows that the b.j.p. has the numbers that they require to form a majority government. they require 272 seats to form government and the election commission shows that they are beyond that. they have to be confirmed when the results are in. if the results validate what we are seeing at the moment, it's an extraordinary victory - would be an extraordinary victory for the b.j.p. it's
May 2, 2014 8:30am PDT
children. he also had to be appeased the media is creating shockwaves in maine a camp in mexico. i am presenting the film the director said that the recently canonized. i don't pull the second was culpable. i mean. and he is of use to guilty. he's associated with the company's going as a genocide and as a general who is responsible for the actions of the soldiers. the general discharge. don't pull a second has not been in charge of legal drinking it. this is as an institution does because that always an exemplary all priests will get a good book. when in doubt. tonight i'm surrounded by consistent remains in nineteen ninety seven. eastman seattle and sixty appeasing them during the forties and fifties complain to the task and nineteen ninety eight. i hate it they were told that the case to ensure no computers from his job is to be. he did his durability. i don't think that when the team to sample ridiculed was simply trying to tell a story to get deep into some challenges mind of his character which i think it could be interesting to see it take to it. it is because of that to him eve
May 2, 2014 6:30pm PDT
among political parties have been introduced in twenty ten still hasn't even crossed main political parties congress and the attendant up but tea stained and recognized in court to intervene in protest. both kittens than ten percent of nominations to remain in good spirits elections. still the promise to be named in parliament who beat up on the agenda. it voted to power i know. in it. entry to go to student teach in the future of the teeth will be thinking dude remains bleak. in education healthcare and other associates the screaming face each word prejudices. there have been protesting on beyond high school and i'm from choosing good own life now. even acknowledging each move him into admitting to being extended. the bathroom wall. at that. it's a good idea to have made dusty promises and a campaign speeches to improve the condition the bean and in that time gt the chance the child of god to do so it wasn't anything i mentioned means no token isn't on the agenda as anthony to concoct easy and kind she said that the crash site is a new design in new delhi. some of the developments
May 5, 2014 3:30am PDT
square with the main production testing die. since its release he says he's weak ringgit defense was occurring arsenic to ration the previously taken part. trevor snacks it's still not up to the policeman often be seen to that the response. many simply walk away. on the same day. ukraine's prime minister ousted last year. so what does this by confinement in ukrainian authorities russian demonstrate some friday. will people to people tight never hundred grams to be addressed some from gunshot wounds. mason a fight that oh three trade union building. the prime minister was seeking to defuse mounting tensions by calling the customer trust april ukraine. whether he again pointed to russian involvement we have to create a joint investigation team to find out what the instigators organizations or blows to the russian leadership started their attack on ukraine and the deceptive and also to investigate the actions of top executives of the local police by this process were the deadliest since moscow oriented tacoma presents the teacher that was forced to flee into appearing in person thou
May 6, 2014 5:00am PDT
in an on main the second film is the main by the locals still the minister of internal access to the security service of ukraine refused to grant these names investigating the links as and back five people identify if not thousands on soccer once and for as a result of falling with those of a man beaten and killed. they got the locals. to the place and date of the top twenty six people killed in the south most of them are difficult to identify as employees have been pond at the place. if i am. elise was not active in protection of people on ninety seconds in and was one of the internet videos show the cooperation between the pro russian hugs and police the fluorescent and was tense fight from conseco standing behind the police so why they hadn't been tested for his department was quiet the security service of ukraine. he was the ex prime minister of ukraine to be with the and dx minister of customs and he gets all excited the month up from the nearest kin of a circle and finalizing to mass violence. according to information. the plan of cramming and from ukraine and officials. i didn't set to
May 6, 2014 10:00am PDT
not searched all the main compartment of the check out the slides but let me visit and again to look for more victims authorities also continue to investigate what caused the sinking of the shed although improper stylish and overloading of cardio three times the sci fi london were seen as a probable causes. so far. nineteen people had been arrested in the investigation. crew members and executive at the fears operator that routine marine company the executive was arrested on charges of malpractice related to the company's finances. economy. you can use. someone on the weekend included festive occasions like children stay here in korea but a set of recharging and home are celebrating the holidays many people chose to pay respects to the victims of this bill or a ferry disaster. the crew of them are all presented in the city of pines on for most of the victims were from visitors from all around the country came with hundreds of friends or family since it opened a week ago the hun sen memorial hall was receiving about one point three villain visitors and counting. outside the mass moral of the v
May 12, 2014 5:30am PDT
that they will not participate in the ukrainian presidential elections that are set for may 25. the main separatist leader was quick to push forward on his victory. he said that the ukrainian army will now be considered illegal and any troops in the region declared occupiers. >> we have a unique situation. for the first time in the history of ukraine we have a people's referendum and we will create the first people's government, coming from the people and working for the people. we are not going to have any dialogue with kiev. a treatise by not -- like not human, by killing people. >> in general we feel that ukraine already no longer exists. we are now rebuilding our lives anew. this is the first time in 23 years that the people who have organized this referendum have had the chance to recognize this right to freedom. this is a human right that we have not had for 23 years. >> in the meantime, european foreign ministers are meeting in brussels today. they are expected to discuss the possibility of further sanctions on russia. we are joined now from brussels with more. europe has called this referendum ill
May 26, 2014 2:30pm PDT
outperformance by italy's main stock market. shares shot up as matteo renzi said he would accelerate his government's economic reform. he won more than 40% of the vote, nearly twice that of the runner-up. let's take a closer look at those closing figures across europe. the cac 40 and the dax gained ground. -- ftse lead the upward move higher.d the move wall street was closed today because of holiday. investors are watching a forum by the european central bank in portugal. it brings together the imf chief, christine lagarde. sayingraghi was quoted the ecb remains alert to a negative spiral of low inflation. and inflation is currently well below the central bank's rate of 2%. speculation add to the ecb could lower interest rates when the ecb's governing board meets next week. investors are also digesting the outright victory of billionaire poroshenko in ukraine's presidential poll. he owns a news channel in ukraine. as charlotte hawkins explains, he is facing a series of challenges to get ukraine's economy back on track. >> poroshenko, the confectionery king, has made billions for himself.
May 11, 2014 5:00am PDT
mayweather. >> right now, my main focus, i just want to take my company to that next level. but everything takes time. i truly believe if i've been somewhere before, i can go again. >> then, this celebrity chef learned to cook in a place you'll never believe. >> i believe i was born to be an entrepreneur. that was always my goal after prison. to be a strong entrepreneur i needed to go into the industry and be an information person first. learn and work on becoming the best chef. >> finally, we take a trip to the circus. >> you have this marvelous opportunity to share this dynamic experience with your sons and daughters. can you imagine one week your backyard is hershey park, the next week the grand canyon. >> that's what's going on in "our world" up next. introducing the all new 2014 next generation corow la. toyota, let's go places. join the small business revolution and take your business to the next level find out how. hosted by nationwide. find yourself in the circles of business executives and professionals and learn how to stand out in a competitive market. be there may 14th through
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